Bracketology – January 12, 2015

Welcome back to The Nickel Dimer. After a long break, we are back with our first Bracketology of the 2015 season. Or should I say, we are back with the 6th most accurate bracket on the web, according to the Bracket Matrix (link to final 2014 scoring). Last year was my first year doing Bracketology, and it was a successful one. Hopefully, this year will be even better.

Reminder, this is a bracket that looks at teams and how they currently sit. There is no projecting of where teams will be in March. For example, I think Florida will probably make the NCAA Tournament, but as of today, their resume doesn’t have enough substance for them to get an at-large bid. Maybe a month from now, it will. If so, they’ll be in the bracket then. I want to give a forecast of what the NCAA Tournament would like if, for some reason, it had to start today.

I’m hoping to have an updated bracket out twice a week for the month of January and first half of February. There will always be a Monday morning edition. The second one each week will either come out Friday morning or Saturday morning, depending on the week. Once we hit late February and March, the bracket will be updated and posted much more frequently.

I will always have a link to an actual bracket and then will post the seed list, bubble teams, and breakdown by conference. Depending on the day and how much time I have available, there could also be a write-up on the site after I release the bracket. This would usually detail something interesting from the previous few days, whether it’s a discussion on 1-seeds, bubble teams, conference analysis, etc.

But for today, let’s just get to the first bracket of the 2015 season. Here are the links to the bracket. Below the links, you’ll find the seed list, bubble team breakdown, and conference breakdown as well.

Bracket – January 12, 2015 (PDF Link – CLICK HERE)

Bracket – January 12, 2015 (PNG Image Link – CLICK HERE)

  • 1 – Kentucky, Virginia, Duke, Gonzaga
  • 2 – Villanova, Arizona, Wisconsin, Kansas
  • 3 – Louisville, Utah, Maryland, Iowa State
  • 4 – VCU, Wichita State, North Carolina, Arkansas
  • 5 – Notre Dame, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State
  • 6 – Seton Hall, Baylor, Texas, Michigan State
  • 7 – Butler, Ohio State, Northern Iowa, Old Dominion
  • 8 – Dayton, UConn, Providence, San Diego State
  • 9 – Alabama, Xavier, Cincinnati, Iowa
  • 10 – LSU, Stanford, Indiana, SMU
  • 11 – NC State, Georgetown, Temple, Syracuse
  • 12 – George Washington, St. John’s, Colorado State, BYU, Green Bay, Harvard
  • 13 – Bowling Green, Wofford, Georgia State, Stephen F. Austin
  • 14 – Eastern Washington, Murray State, Hofstra, Iona
  • 15 – UC Santa Barbara, North Carolina Central, Coastal Carolina, North Dakota State
  • 16 – USC Upstate, Vermont, New Mexico State, Colgate, St. Francis NY, Texas Southern
  • Last 4 IN: George Washington, St. John’s, Colorado State, BYU
  • First 4 OUT: Florida, Wyoming, Davidson, South Carolina
  • Next 4 OUT: Minnesota, Georgia, Miami (FL), Michigan

Breakdown by Conference:

  • Big 12: 7
  • ACC: 7
  • Big East: 7
  • Big Ten: 6
  • SEC: 4
  • American: 4
  • Pac-12: 3
  • Atlantic 10: 3
  • Missouri Valley: 2
  • Mountain West: 2
  • West Coast: 2

And of course, always check out The Bracket Matrix. It’s one of the main reasons my site gets as many hits as it does, and the guy who runs it does an outstanding job.

It’s officially Bracketology season. Enjoy.

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