Welcome to The Nickel Dimer, a daily look at college basketball. Let me explain a little bit about what this site contains and you can expect to see here.

The name, “The Nickel Dimer,” comes from the great Bill Raftery. I’ve always loved listening to Raftery do games and all of his interesting quirks and calls throughout a game. He’s the absolute best. Naming this blog after Raftery felt like something that I had to do, and The Nickel Dimer sounded like the perfect fit. Running with the Raftery theme, you’ll notice the different tabs across the top of the site. Most are based off of Raftery quote goodness. Here’s the site rundown.

  • The Bracket – I will frequently post my projection of what the bracket will look like on Selection Sunday in March. This will be more infrequent before conference play, maybe once or twice per month. Once conference play starts, it’ll be a weekly post. I’ll post the 1-68 S-Curve, the projected bracket, the last 4 in, and the last 4 out as well. As we get closer to March, a bubble watch may appear here too.
  • Whirling Dervish – Perhaps my favorite Raftery quote, just perfect. Here is where you’ll find your typical “Power Rankings” or Top 25. I’ll try to drop in some interesting tidbits or blurbs on things I’ve noticed from a few teams in each post.
  • Onions! – Here’s where I’ll focus on specific teams/games/players. This may have a review of key games from the night before, an in-depth look at a team and how they’re playing, or a breakdown of a player and how he’ll project at the next level. I’m hoping to do a lot more of that last piece at the site.

All posts will always show up on the home page for The Nickel Dimer. But, if you want to see a specific feature, now you know where to go.

Now… Enjoy The Nickel Dimer.

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