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Stock Up/Stock Down Report: February 24, 2014

Here’s this week’s Stock Up/Stock Down report, which, as a reminder, you’ll notice is no longer found in the Monday Bracketology post.

Before we get into the stock outlook, let’s talk a little bit about conference tournaments. As we’re sitting here on February 24th, checking out projected brackets from around the web daily, if not hourly, I think we tend to forget the importance of conference tournaments. Not only do we forget the importance of bubble teams picking up big wins in these tournaments, which helps solidify their selection into The Big Dance. But even more importantly, we forget about the bids that get stolen. Bid aren’t just stolen from “mid-major” leagues, but also if a team outside of the bubble looking in picks up a few wins to find their way into the dance, a “power” conference tournament can have a major impact as well.

Take a look at the last three seasons to see bids that were stolen before Selection Sunday.

  • 2013: Oregon and Ole Miss ended up stealing bids by winning their conference tournaments.
  • 2012: St. Bonaventure’s stole a bid and based on where they ended up seeded as an 11-seed, it’s possible/likely that Colorado did as well.
  • 2011: Memphis and Richmond were both given 12-seeds after winning their conference tournaments. It’s very likely these were two bid stealers as well.

That’s only the last three seasons, but just remember those teams when you’re checking out projected brackets in these last few weeks before Selection Sunday. This year, the Missouri Valley and Mountain West conference tournaments are flashing a “POTENTIAL BID STEALER” light in bright red right now. And (more…)

Weekend Review – January 10-12th

We’re reaching that point of the year where college basketball is reaching the national spotlight. College football is over, the NFL is winding down, and the NBA is in the dog days of January. With those factors combined with the start of conference play, it feels like this weekend had some added importance and interest. Here’s a rundown of some of the biggest storylines I took out of the weekend.

  • Big Win for Iowa:
    • Iowa headed into their game Sunday against Ohio State with a 13-3 record with road losses to undefeated Wisconsin and 1-loss Iowa State and a neutral court OT loss to 1-loss Villanova. All of those games were one possession games with 5 minutes or less to go in the 2nd half. So clearly, Iowa’s losses were very good losses that were close to being very good wins. They finally got that good win Sunday at #3 Ohio State.
    • Iowa was up 70-68 with 3:22 left, and it was shaping up to be another one of those close games that Iowa has struggled to win this year, as well as last year. Iowa closed the game on a 14-6 run to record one the best victories by any team in the nation yet this season. Iowa’s two best players, Roy Devyn Marble and Aaron White, had highly effective and efficient games on Sunday. Marble had 22 points on 7-13 shooting from the field and 8-11 from the line, while White put up 19 points on 8-12 shooting. Iowa is known for its depth, they play 11 guys. But Marble and White are the key for this club and are two of the more underappreciated players in the nation. When they play like they did Sunday against Ohio State, Iowa is extremely tough to beat and will be a threat in March to make the Final 4.
  • One Undefeated Survives, One Falls: (more…)

Welcome to The Nickel Dimer

Welcome to The Nickel Dimer, a daily look at college basketball. Let me explain a little bit about what this site will contain and what you can expect from it.

Each day, I will attempt to have something up about college basketball, whether that’s 1 post, 2 posts, or more. The name, “The Nickel Dimer”, comes from the great Bill Raftery. One of the toughest things to decide when you start a blog is the name and the creative direction you’ll take. I’ve always loved Raftery and all of his interesting quirks and calls throughout a game. The Nickel Dimer sounded like the perfect fit. Running with the Raftery theme, you’ll notice the different tabs across the top of the site. All are based off of more Raftery goodness. Here’s a breakdown.

  • The Bracket – I will have up a weekly bracket (hopefully on Sunday nights/Monday mornings). I’ll post the 1-68 S-Curve, the projected bracket, the last 4 in, and the last 4 out as well. As we get closer to March, a bubble watch may appear here too.
  • Send It In – Here you’ll find daily previews and nightly/next morning reviews. I’ll try to post a little something each day about the top handful of games or so. Friday’s generally are a major letdown for college basketball (don’t ask me why they haven’t fixed this yet), so Friday’s will look at the weekend as a whole. If I do a weekly review, you can find it here as well.
  • Whirling Dervish – Perhaps my favorite Raftery quote, just perfect. But here is where you’ll find your typical “Power Rankings” or Top 25. This will be a weekly thing as well. It will probably go up around the middle of the week in most cases.
  • The Vegetable Cart – This will be a bit of a potpourri. It will focus on conferences and players specifically. It will have the occasional look-in at a specific conference and its (power) rankings with a little more conversation, a glance at player rankings for the Wooden Award, and also a breakdown of the best players in a conference and where they stand in the POY race within that conference.
  • Onions! – Here’s the blog within the blog. Anything random, you can find here. Links to a good article from another site, video of that day’s best dunk or buzzer beater, or a wildly amusing GIF. Onions! will have all of that and more.

All posts will also initially show up on the home page for The Nickel Dimer. But, if you want to see a specific feature, now you know where to go.

Now… Enjoy The Nickel Dimer.